• Home KG – The Preschool Teacher

    'Home KG' is a complete and out of the box learning app for kids that is designed to assist kids in learning the basics. It will guide your kids to learn and write Numbers and Alphabets. Besides that, it will also help them to trace out and recognize shapes too!

  • Alphabets , Numbers and Shapes

    Home KG is an educational app for iPad, therefore your kids will be allowed more space to learn, trace out and enjoy activities in a better way. Your child can instantly access Alphabets, Numbers or Shapes section simply by tapping it.

  • Shapes Recognition and Tracing

    Shapes section allows your child to recognize and draw shapes. For best possible learning, kids are allowed to trace over the shapes. Kids can also use erasers to correct their mistakes. This learning app for kids also allows you to save and share your image too!

  • A to Z in an easy way

    Learning to write alphabets is known to be one of the toughest things to be taught to a toddler. Kids can now trace out alphabets over this learning app for kids too, just by following simple step by step tracing instructions. Just trace out and share it with the rest of the world with the power of social media.

  • Learn and Write Number from 0 to 9

    Just like Shapes and Alphabets, kids are also guided how to write numbers too, as they are allowed to trace out numbers in step by step method. In case they make some mistake, eraser is always there for the assistance. You are allowed to save and share the image whenever you want!

Home KG

Home KG is an amazing free learning app for preschoolers to teach your children how to write alphabets, numbers and recognize shapes. This Kids app is a free teaching tool for toddlers and young children. It includes all English alphabets, digits from 0 to 9 and 10 different shapes. This preschool learning app works as a training guide where children can explore their creativity while learning at the same time.

The app helps your child in tracing out the alphabets, numbers and shapes with the help of their finger so that they can learn how to write and recognize shapes. The app is aimed at young children aged 3 and up who have not yet started going to school but would benefit greatly from early literacy, hence this application can be rightly said as a preschool teacher.

The app provides you with a platform where you can interactively teach children basic writing skills. The full set of alphabets and numbers are free. We take your feedback very seriously and will Endeavour to integrate your requests into future versions of this kids education app.

The app can act as a bridge between you and your child’s learning. It enables you, the parent to monitor and manage how and what your children learn and how they can benefit from this experience. The app provides you with a platform where you can interactively teach children basic writing skills. It makes learning easy and fun for young children, making it the best educational app for kids. This application can be either said as a Pre kindergarten, pre-school app or kids learning app, as it fits perfectly in every category. So get your hands over this great app for children, and allow your child to learn all the basics in a very young age.